Electronic Yarn Clearer


ClassiklinIn process of obtaining yarn of superior quality we introduce you to Electronic Yarn Clearer. We are the pioneers in India to develop indigenous EYC. It’s a yarn clearer with online fault clearing system with added inbuilt yarn length measurement system. It’s a total online production monitoring and control. We also provide a feature of remote monitoring along with the system with an added cost. This enables spinners to remote control and monitor through a central computer.


This system is adaptable to all kinds of winding machines, i.e Auto winders, manual winding machines, and etcetera of almost all makes. It comes tailor made for every model of every make. It can be used in yarns of almost all counts and machines with vast speed variation.
Clearing Settings
The clearing settings are very easy to set. There is a range of 20selection of curves preloaded to optimize the production output of spinners. We also provide 6 user defined curves in case the user wants to define the clearing limits manually. The selection of limits is both class wise as well as curve wise.
The sensor is based on Optic Electronics principle. It provides accuracy as high as 90-95%. Also include length measurement system. The system gives you the estimation of the quality of output product and its market price by conveying you the total no of cleared faults and uncleared faults. These values totally depend on the clearing limits set by you. It also detects the count variation.
This system is auto calibrated system. There is also an added advantage of power backup and memory backup with this system. Hence, one does not need to recalibrate the system after power failure. The system will continue from the point where it stopped. We also provide provision for spinners to devide the spindles into groups. This enables you to run different counts of yarn on different spindles. For management information, we provide MIS reports which detail the production shift wise, group wise, daily production and quality information like total cleared and uncleared faults, its types and the efficiency of the faults cleared.
This machine is very easy to maintain. Thanks to our efficient maintenance team. We provide free customer support for initial 12 months from erection of the system. Later we provide effective services for distress call. Moreover, we continuously upgrade our system. Our systems are designed in such a way that you can easily upgrade your system to a newer version of it. Hence, you do not need to change the whole system you just need to upgrade the system.


Principle optical electronics
Count range 6′sto120′sNE/NM
Winding speed 300m/minto1500m/ min
Fault eliminated from selection of limits both classes wise and Curve wise
Fault classification universally accepted 23 classes of faults
System configuration One control box for maximum 60/80 Spindles. Division of spindles into user Defined max groups
Length measurement Up to 9,99,999 meters for individual spindle
Display 320X200 dot matrix graphic LCD
Printout facility Through mass storage (optional)
Efficiency greater than 90 %
Supply Single phase 230V AC through CVT,50 Hz
Operating temperature 0 deg.to50deg.C
Designed and developed by e-intelligence