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The story of Patwa Kinarivala Electronics Limited (Baroda), is the story of continuous progress. A saga of non-stop upgradation can be summed up in the three words: Excellence Through Technology. Based on in-house know-how and working on indigenous technology suitable for arduous conditions, we embarked on the ambitious task of developing and manufacturing electronic quality control equipment for the textile industry since 1978. Today we are a leading manufacturer of quality and process control equipment for the Textile Industry. The company has also contributed significantly to the glob Read More


Electronic Yarn Clearer

In process of obtaining yarn of superior quality we introduce you to Electronic Yarn Clearer. We are the pioneers in India to develop indigenous EYC. It’s a yarn clearer with online fault clearing system with added inbuilt yarn length measurement system. It’s a total online production monitoring and control.
Length Measurement System

Length Measurement System

To obtain packages of equal length, conventionally all the packages are measured by weight using trial and error methods. These methods are too cumbersome and inaccurate. Hence, there was a need for a system that could measure accurate length and reduce human efforts. LMS is such a solution for spinners.
Chenille Yarn Clearer

Chenille Yarn Clearer

This yarn clearer is exclusively designed to clear the faults present in the chenille yarn. This is based on Opto‐electronic technology. This is very useful in checking the minutest detail of the yarn to enhance your product quality. This clearer can be used for all the types of chenille yarn.
Evneess Tester

Evenness Tester

The main factor hampering the quality of fabric is unevenness in the yarn like thick places, thin places and Neps. These imperfections adversely affects the productivity of all the stages of fabric production and results in poor fabric quality. Evenness tester is especially designed to detect the imperfections in yarn, sliver, roving and provide various statistical representations for the results.


  • Special recognition award as the best SSI Entrepreneur of Gujarat, India for the year 1984 awarded by the Government of India.
  • National Productivity Council award for the best performance in Industrial Electronics for the year 1987-88.
  • Department of Electronics award for excellence in Instrumentation and Industrial Electronics for the year 1990.
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